Welcome to the TIES Center

Shuhada Area, Block 4, St. 413, Villa No. 67

TIES is a unique non political NGO serving Westerners in Kuwait with a verity of services like language classes, cultural tours, social events, Islamic information, cooking classes etc.

We value:

- Knowledge that is beneficial to individuals and communities

- Social services that promote positive relations and solidarity

- Charity initiatives that build compassion and community involvement

- Beneficial activities that empower individuals and groups

- A non-discriminatory, non-political, non-profit orientation

- Islamic and Arab values and ethics, and international standards of quality..

The TIES Center is a premiere community center that offers regular activities including:

- Arabic classes: Professional Arab instructors teach Modern Standard Arabic, Kuwaiti dialect,

- Quranic Arabic, conversation and calligraphy in classroom and small group settings.

- Cultural information: Lectures, diwaniyas, courses, exhibitions and a library provide authentic and original cultural information.

- Islamic services: Qualified staff share religious knowledge and experience through a variety of means, and offer counseling and mentoring for new Muslims.

- Social events: TIES organizes a variety of events including, bazaars, demonstrations, cooking classes, handcraft circles and more, serving families, ladies, children, ethnic groups, social circles, and special groups.

- Tours: Seasoned expats and local citizens organize tours to local places of interest, providing a rich perspective and insight into the culture.

- The Center also welcomes invitations from schools, embassies, companies, universities and other organizations to share information on any aspect of local or regional culture or religion.

“It was a wonderful event to learn more about Arabic dress.” Megan Sofge
“It was great to learn about Kuwaiti traditional clothes and learn more about the culture.” Christina Shiels
“The environment within TIES is filled with scholared, curious, kind, passionate and open people. There is even a special atmosphere to be sensed as soon as you enter the center itself. Peace and excitement. The satisfying feeling of learning in this environment is something I want every enthusiastic soul to experience…. TIES is a far bigger treasure than I am able to describe with words. It has to be felt, and it has to be experienced.” Maryann Grønstøl, Norway.
“The [Arabic] teacher explained everything clearly and in great detail and in good time. I feel she was able to teach in a way that no other Arabic teacher has been able to, providing definitions and grammar….” Alicia Collymore, UK
“I want to learn Arabic to communicate with my Kuwaiti family. The course benefited me providing many useful expressions for daily (use). I like the classes and the group. The teacher is very good and gave us great tips.” Diana Mosquora, Columbia
“TIES has been a great experience, I’m glad I had the opportunity to be introduced to a great community… It is definitely one of the most important cultural places in Kuwait.” Noor Mohamed, Egypt.